Hazrah Entertainment teams up with fellow TV veterans Martin Lawrence and Bentley Kyle Evans (MARTIN, THE JAMIE FOXX SHOW) as well as dream team producers Jeff Franklin (FULL HOUSE, HANGING' WITH MR. COOPER) and Raphael Saadiq to bring LOVE THAT GIRL! to TV One. LOVE THAT GIRL!, starring Tatyana Ali , is a hilarious sitcom about a woman in her late 20's finally coming of age. With an order from TV One for 26 episodes, LOVE THAT GIRL! promises to be a breakout hit.

Logline: Recent divorcee, Tyana Jones (Tatyana Ali ) returns home to Southern California, in search of a fresh start, new career and independence. In this "single" (again) phase of her life, Tyana is joined by her lifelong best friend, Nefertiti (Kendyl Joi), her unpredictable but loving brother Latrell (Alphonso McAuley), and always supportive father, Delroy Jones (Phil Morris), along with a host of hilarious, colorful characters. Tyana is sweet, sexy, smart and far from perfect. You've gotta LOVE THAT GIRL!

- Executive Producers: Martin Lawrence, Bentley Kyle Evans, Jeff Franklin, Raphael Saddiq, Stacey Evans Morgan
- Producers: Tatyana Ali, Anastasia Ali
- Created and Directed by Bentley Kyle Evans

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